Voices of Vengeance

from by AEOXIS

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Hear me now!

(You Self Righteous son of a bitch!)

I was never the perfect, fighting pride or the chosen
I’m just a glorified pawn in the fray of war
Never intended to ascend to the promise
Bound by the blood of the “angels” before me
Was I always expendable in your endeavors
Was my sacrifice never internalized?
This is one hell of a fall from “grace”
To hell! You better pray I never seek my

Wont you succumb to the darkness
They wouldn't let this go no
Close your eyes and feel
(Would they be so understanding if they were dying in these flames?)

Wont you give me a reason to fight another day
You’re two seconds from feeling fire
Just do me justice and tell me what I am to you
I cant erase this phantom
this haunting is tearing me apart
Maybe this is your way of showing you care
Or maybe I’ll show you the


The Pain
The voices of vengeance
The fear the strain
of becoming my newest prey

You were the answer
You were my medicine
You were the conscience
You showed me the way

I was your comfort
I was your soldier
I was the one who bore the weight on my shoulders
Now I’m the one bearing the scars of the torture
Forever feeling burns of your blatant

I was willing to die for you
With my back against the wall
It didnt matter if I was surrounded
Day or night I embraced the fall


Maybe we’d be okay if I could make those decisions
Maybe it’d work if we were on the same plane
Why is it that I cant be human
Why do i have to take the “proper precaution”

You tell me this is my “Chance”
This is your gift to me?
I have no need for your pity
You are truly under nothing short of dillusion to think for a second that you are actually in the winners seat.

Are you afraid?
Are you fucking afraid?
What is there to fear? Im just a pawn
Just a simple stitch in the fabric
Are you afraid?
Are you fucking AFRAID
Admit it



from Phantom : Emerge, released June 28, 2016



all rights reserved


AEOXIS Washington, D.C.

Aeoxis is the artistic manifestation of the convoluted raw emotion of Tovaun Anthony.

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